Roger of Numeria

Male human cavalier 4


Roger of Numeria (a.k.a., “The Artful Roger,” “Rogdush,” “Roger Lebeda,” and “Roger Rogarvia”) is a human cavalier of mysterious background who belongs to The Order of the Dragon.


Roger of Numeria (at various other points known as “The Artful Roger”, “Rogdush,” “Roger Lebeda”, and “Roger Rogarvia”) is a human who was raised by a horde of orcs in a remote part of Numeria. The orcs found him in a small golden ark when he was a baby. The ark contained the crest of the House Rogarvia: a two-headed dragon, one head breathing flames and one claw wielding a sword against a quartered field of white and gold. Also in the ark was a ring with this same crest engraved on it, which Roger wears to this day. When the orcs first found him they initially planned to kill him, but a female among them named Parg (whose own baby had recently drowned in the river) convinced the others to spare the human baby so she could raise him as her own. She called him Rogdush and even though he was physically weaker and smaller than the other orcs, he not only held his own among them, but become a leader. The heavy skins and armor used by the orcs were oversized for him, but he eventually came to not be bothered by them. Even so, it took a long time for Rogdush to win over the other orcs his age and he was often teased and beat up before he gained their acceptance. The turning point was when he saved the life of his same-age tormentor and rival, Gik, whose father Grunk was leader of the tribe. Rogush and Gik became the best of friends thereafter.

When Rogdush was 19, a band of marauding humans attacked the orc tribe. The orcs who were not killed or captured were forced to scatter through the region. In the midst of the attack, Gik promised Rogdush he would protect Rogdush’s mother, Parg. The last Rogdush saw, the two of them were running off into the wild to escape the marauding humans while Rogdush defended the tribe from the human attackers. Grunk and Rogdush were both captured after valiantly but unsuccessfully trying to defend the small tribe. After killing and scattering everyone else, along with the obligatory looting, the marauders brought Grunk, Rogdush, and a few other orcs they captured to the city of Silverhall and sold them into indentured servitude. Grunk and Rogdush were sold to different masters and Rogdush has not seen Grunk since.

Rogdush became the indentured servant of Lander Lebeda of Silverhall, of the noble House Lebeda family that ruled the surrounding land. Lander was a few years younger than Rogdush. Because he did not speak Orc, Lander translated Rogdush into Common and began to call him Roger. Though he resisted and rebelled against Lander at first, Roger eventually realized that charm was more helpful at making his life easier. Lander’s older sister, Elanna, lived with Lander and was kind to the attractive and compelling Roger. Despite the difficult circumstances, they fell in love. For obvious reasons, they kept this from Lander. Though the household staff all knew what was going on, Roger and Elanna were able to keep it from Lander. Their ability to do so gained Roger the nickname “The Artful Roger.”

Lander, a cavalier in the Order of Lebeda, eventually came to feel a deep friendship with Roger. He agreed to free him from his indentured servitude if Roger consented to become his apprentice. Roger agreed enthusiastically. During the training, they got so close they began to feel like brothers. Lander even began referring to Roger as Roger Lebeda and many in the city came to believe they actually were brothers. Roger even told Lander about his love for Elanna and his desire to marry her. Lander liked the idea and Roger and Elanna were overjoyed. However when Roger proposed to Elanna, he showed her and Lander the ring he had had since childhood and revealed to them his belief that he was Roger Rogarvia of the Rogarvian royal line. Lander did not believe him and when Roger insisted, Lander angrily banished him from the household and said he would never speak to him again. Roger could not understand why Lander responded so angrily, though through this experience he came to understand that advertising his theories about his family origin posed much risk in the wider world. Unfortunately, many in the land heard rumors that Roger believed he was Rogarvian royalty and he became something of a pariah among those of noble standing.

Roger, heartbroken at losing his friend and being apart from his beloved Elanna, decided he would prove to Lander and the rest of the world that he was a member of the Rogarvian family line. Because of his deep belief in loyalty to his family and friends, Roger joined the Order of the Dragon and committed himself to these goals: finding his orc friends and family, reconciling with Lander, reuniting with and marrying Elanna, and reclaiming his place in the Rogarvian family line.

Roger of Numeria

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