Drispeera D'Lith

Elven Sorceress 5th/ Oracle 1st


Drispeera is gorgeous and knows it. She has long golden curls, enormous violet eyes, and a curvaceous figure which is always artfully displayed by strategic rips in her clothing. She likes beautiful clothing, jewelry and often wears a tiara. All of her life people of both sexes and a few different species have fawned over her. Any lack of fawning will startle her. She is entitled and self-absorbed, and always speaks whatever thoughts wander through her head, without regard to appropriateness.

Aphrodite Fortunately she has a few redeeming qualities. She is blossoming into a very powerful sorceress. She has the intelligence to realize that saving your life will further her own goal of staying alive and independent. She seems to possess great courage (or is it arrogance?) And if she is shown loyalty, she will return it. (Think Cordelia in Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Some Oracle talents have been thrust upon Drispeera, almost against her will. She would rather have learned new offensive arcane spells, rather than be forced into being the party’s defacto healer. To make matters worse, anyone whose been paying attention may have noticed that Drispeera has become more clumsy, and had nightmares ever since.

The prompt says to put stats, ac, weapons, and reflex saves here. I don’t wanna give anyone but Doug the exact stuff, but here is the jist:

Drispeera has impossibly high Dexterity and Charisma, almost insurvivably low Constitution, High Intelligence and the others are about average.

She has no visible armor. “Run away, run away!”

Weapons? What weapons? “I’m a lover not a fighter.” If forced into combat she’ll use a handheld crossbow, a dagger, or scratch opponents with her bare hands. Hey, don’t underestimate the scratching power of a pissed off princess.

Her favorite spells are:

Cure Light Wounds
Detect Magic
Flaming Sphere
Magic Missile


When you met Drispeera she was on the run from kidnappers. She is an Elven Princess (according to her) from lands far down to the South. If pressed she will mention Kyonin with some discomfort, and quickly change the subject. She was on her way to an arranged wedding to an Elven noble from Restov when her escort party was attacked and killed by ogres. Originally the raiding party just planned to kill all the elves and keep whatever loot was in the caravan. But upon seeing Drispeera they couldn’t decide between ransoming her, amusing themselves with her, or some of both. It was during one of these ogrish “discussions” that Drispeera was able to ensorcel her captors and escape.

Oleg’s Trading Post was the first “civilized” habitation Drispeera came across in two days of running. She helped you help the Trading Post owners defend themselves in exchange for food and supplies. When asked if she would sign the charter, Drispeera readily agreed because her other choices were even less appealing. If she went on to Restov she would be forced into marriage with “the old geezer.” And if she went home, they would just send her back. So she tolerates your unhygenic presence in exchange for some independence.

Currently Drispeera is happy with her role as Grand Diplomat of Candlemere, but she makes no secret of her aspirations to become Candlemere’s Beloved Leader.

She has just given birth to an exceptionally beautiful and charming baby boy. He has blue-black skin, very curly platinum blonde hair, large violet eyes like his mother, and small pearly horns. She has named him Elvistryhal Drispeeron D’Lith, or “Elvis” for short. She is elusive about the boy’s father, and when asked, she will say with a smirk that negotiations with the Fey have been fruitful. She originally intended to have children only to begin her dynasty, but finds herself quite enamored with the boy, and is becoming a doting mother in spite of herself. She is spending more time with Svetlana and the two are bonding over motherhood.

Drispeera D'Lith

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