Kingmaker (New Paltz)

Completing the Charter

Game date: September 23rd, 2011

5 Neth 4710 – 12 Neth 4710

In the first half of Neth, the heroes finish exploring and making safe the remaining regions covered in their charter. This includes the discovery of a dead unicorn to the west, its horn removed and untouched by decay. They also discover:

  • A boggard named Garuum who speaks little common but simply wants to be left alone in his lair with two slurks
  • A cairn apparently built by a barbarian tribe long, long ago.
  • An overgrown statue of Erastil, found about 25 miles to the west of the Temple of the Elk.
  • A trio of tatzlwyrms whose den spanned a portion of the Skunk River

After completing their charter, they return to Oleg’s Trading Post to rest and recuperate. They find that the reduced bandit activity has led to a small surge in traffic and business at and around the trading post.



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