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This is the starting point for information the characters know about the region, events they have experienced, and characters they have encountered.


(Those with an asterisk [“*”] have been updated since the last gaming session)

Active Major Quests

There are no active major quests at this time, apart from developing and protecting their new kingdom.

Active Side Quests

There are no active side quests at this time, apart from any personal quests individual heroes take on.

Completed Quests


The new Kingdom of Candlemere, in its current form, has the following features:

  • Size – 1,125 square miles (9 hexes) [not quite the size of Rhode Island]
  • Capital City – Stag’s End (pop. 2,250). Currently it consists of a castle, a general store, many houses. On the side of the city facing the Tuskwater sit a mill and a row of new piers.
  • Other Cities – Oleg’s (official name TBD), pop. 250, consists of a stable
  • Population – 4,750
  • Terrain – mostly hillside. It also encompasses the northern half of the Tuskwater, all of Candlemere, most of the Thorn river and the westernmost section of the Shrike river.
  • Farmland – about one-third of the land is currently being farmed, and fishing is a lively trade in the western portion of the kingdom.
  • Resources – roads have been built across the kingdom to ease travel and commerce. An abandoned gold mine in the east has been reopened for operation.

Map of Candlemere

The map below shows the current boundary of Candlemere, as well as the areas that have been explored by the heroes. Each hex is 12 miles from side to opposite side, or roughly 125 square miles in area.


Current Edicts

The Council of Candlemere currently engages in standard promotion, taxes its citizens at a rate typical of the wider region, and has six official festivals per year.

The Council of Candlemere

Below is the current leadership of the new kingdom of Castlemere, along with their role. NPCs have a brief statement reflecting their current feeling about being in that role.

  • Baron of CandlemereReikye
  • CouncilorAkiros Ismort, a former lieutenant of the Stag Lord who betrayed his leader to join the heroes in defeating the fort. “I appreciate the chance to redeem myself, but I’m not sure if I’m the best person to represent the will of the citizens.”
  • GeneralRoger of Numeria
  • Grand DiplomatDrispeera D’Lith
  • High PriestJhod Kavken, cleric of Erastil, and current traveling companion of the heroes. “I, uh… will endeavor to bring hope and guidance to the people of Candlemere.”
  • MagisterSvetlana Leveton, wife of Oleg Leveton, currently pregnant. “I can see why this was a hard position to fill around here, but you really want someone with more book learning or magical talent than myself. (Looks at her belly) …and quick.”
  • MarshalMicaela
  • Royal AssassinHorace Imhotep
  • SpymasterWoody
  • TreasurerOleg Leveton, co-owner of Oleg’s Trading Post, surly but honest and has a grudging respect for the PCs after they removed the threat of banditry and returned Svetlana’s ring. “Makes sense, I’ve been balancing my books for years. I’ll be keeping my eyes on your accounts, mind you.”
  • WardenKesten Garess, leader of a small group of warriors sent by the Swordlords of Restov to protect Oleg’s Trading Post. “This role suits me well. It’s also nice to be recognized for my service, for once.”

Other Characters

Characters are listed alphabetically. Those in parentheses have not yet been encountered. For more information, click on links or go straight to the Characters tab above.

  • Bokken, a hermit/eccentric who is apparently good at turning moon radishes into treatments for pregnancy-related symptoms (and creating other potions)
  • Breeg Olivanch (deceased), an unethical trapper in the northern Greenbelt, killed by Perlivash and Tyg Tigger-Tut who were fed up with his cruel ways.
  • Chief Sootscale, ousted kobold chieftan of the Sootscale Tribe, bent on retaking control of his tribe
  • Falgrim Sneeg (deceased), outlaw wanted by Kesten Garess, later a bandit stationed at the Stag Lord’s fort
  • Fenn Greenfield, a simple hunter
  • Happs Bydon (deceased), a male human bandit captured at Oleg’s Trading Post, questioned, and eventually killed
  • Kressle (deceased), female human bandit and leader of the Thorn River Camp, killed during the attack on that camp
  • Kyan, male half-elf fisherman and former bandit of the Thorn River Camp
  • Kyra, human female mystic and Harrow reader
  • Mikmek, kobold warrior and former prisoner of the mites
  • Natalya Leveton, daughter of Oleg and Svetlana Leveton and first child born in the new kingdom of Candlemere
  • The Stag Lord (deceased), former leader of bandits in the region from his fort on the northern end of the Tuskwater
  • The “Swamp Witch” (deceased), reclusive sorceress who lived in a dilapidated hut on the western end of the Tuskwater, she was wrongfully killed by the heroes as a suspect in the disappearance of teenage twin girls.
  • Tartuk (deceased), purple-scaled kobold shaman who was, until recently, in control of the Sootscale tribe.

An Overview of the Region

We are playing in the world of Golarion, in a region called the Inner Sea which is divided into numerous nations. Here’s a good map of the Inner Sea. It’s big, so it may take a few seconds to load.

The campaign begins on the border between Brevoy and the Stolen Lands. The Stolen Lands are an untamed, bandit-filled wilderness. Brevoy is a nation on the brink of civil war between its north (Issia) and south (Rostland). The PCs were first chartered by the Swordlords of Restov (a city in southern Brevoy) to explore the forests in the center of the Stolen Lands called the Greenbelt. They now rule a portion of that land.

Here is a section of the Inner Sea region, with the Stolen Lands outlined in solid red, and Oleg’s Trading Post represented by a purple dot.


From Oleg’s, it’s almost 100 miles to Restov, and nearly that to the nearest village, so it’s several days away from anything that could be called civilization. For reference purposes, the Stolen Lands is similar in size to the U.S. state of Maine. Yes, we’re talking about a big area.

Specific Greenbelt Locations

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