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  • Falgrim Sneeg

    Wanted by [[:kesten-garess-2 | Kesten Garess]] for his desertion and theft of property. Details here: [[Falgrim Sneeg - Quest | Falgrim Sneeg - Quest]]. Falgrim was found dead on one of the watchtowers of the Stag Lord's fort, with two of the heroes' …

  • Tartuk

    With the help of the PCs, [[:chief-sootscale | Chief Sootscale]] recently wrested control of his tribe from Tartuk. The shaman was killed in the process, his corpse changing into that of a gnome upon his death.

  • The "Swamp Witch"

    "The Swamp Witch," a reclusive woman living on the shore of the Tuskwater, was feared and mistrusted by many of the locals. She became something of a bogeyman to them, invoked by parents to scare their children into good behavior. She did have some talent …

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