Kingmaker (New Paltz)

The Stag Lord's Fort, part II

Game date: June 18th, 2011

21 Lamashan 4710
Weather: (early morning pre-dawn, cloudy)

  • After Woody returns with information about the secret entrance to the fort, the group plans its assault. They are accosted by five zombies on their way up the hillside, but dispatch them quickly and race to the entrance. The sentry at the closest watchtower spots them during the melee but he is quickly brought down by two arrows from Micaela and Horace.
  • The passageway below takes them to underneath a wooden staircase where they emerge undetected by the bandits. Scouting ahead, Woody runs into Akiros Ismort, a bandit claiming to be the Stag Lord’s second-in-command though he seems torn about being in the position, or even with the bandits at all. After a few tense moments, Akiros declares that he is switching sides and tears off his stag-head amulet.
  • The first into the Stag Lord’s chamber is Drispeera, whose attempt to charm him goes awry when she suggests he take off his helmet. A fight ensues, but the Stag Lord is cornered and quickly destroyed, as are several of the bandits that come to his aid. His head is removed and his room looted.
  • Meanwhile, most of the other bandits, sensing that the Stag Lord’s reign over the region is quickly ending, flee the fort. This includes a gigantic lummox named Aucks and a dark, wiry looking man who pauses to unleash an owlbear before leaving. The party quickly kills the beast, helped by vicious attacks by Roger with his double axe.
  • The party scopes out the rest of the fort, and Akiros leads them down into a cellar where an old human wearing rags seems to live. He turns out to be the Stag Lord’s father and like most of the bandits, he flees when given the opportunity.

Current time and location: early morning on 21 Lamashan inside the Stag Lord’s Fort

The Stag Lord's Fort part I

Game date: May 7th, 2011

19 Lamashan 4710
Weather: Sunny and cool, a pleasant fall day

  • The party aids Chief Sootscale in defeating the interloper shaman Tartuk. Upon his death, the body of Tartuk morphs from kobold to gnome with hair of bright purple (the same color as the scales his kobold form had). The party leaves Chief Sootscale to reestablish control over his tribe – he announces his plan to root out and destroy the rest of the mites still living in their lair under the old sycamore.
  • From there, the group heads southwest toward the fort of the Stag Lord, crossing the wide Shrike River at a shallow point on their way.

20 Lamashan 4710
Weather: Cloudy with a drizzle

  • At the end of the day, they come upon the hill upon which the Stag Lord’s Fort sits. Woody approaches the fort at night while the rest of the party watches from a copse of trees on a nearby hill. Woody discovers a stone hatch that leads down and (presumably) under the palisade of the fort. He is attacked by undead coming up from the earth on the hillside as he is heading back to report. Several arrows also whistle by in the darkness, but Woody is unharmed and the undead do not follow him into the valley and back to the party.

Current time and location: early morning on 21 Lamashan on a wooded hill about 300 feet away from the beginning of the path up to the fort, and about 600 feet away from the fort itself

Cramped Quarters

Game date: April 9th, 2011

15 Lamashan 4710

  • (in the mite lair under the old sycamore) The party, along with Mikmek, the recently freed and overexcited kobold, more or less fell one by one into a chasm, disturbing a 30 foot long centipede. Drispeera took a single and particularly nasty bite from the creature. From all vantage points, it looked to be fatal. Miraculously, she opened her eyes moments later and was carried to safety by Micaela. It wasn’t pretty, but in the end, all the party survived and clambered out of the rift.
  • From there, they encountered the leadership of the mites in the form of a larger-than-usual mite riding atop a much-larger-than-usual tick. Combat was less messy this time, and the party decided to rest in this room for the night. It is here that Mikmek was reunited with his tribe’s holy statue and accidentally revealed that his tribe of kobolds was under the sway of a mysterious purple-scaled shaman named Tartuk, who apparently delighted in spreading fear and demanding sacrifices in the name of “Old Sharptooth”.

16 Lamashan 4710

  • The heroes ascended to a chamber which housed several mites and several large (but manageable) centipedes, who were quickly dispatched. There was one more chamber which contained half a dozen or so mites, none of them appearing to be much of a threat, but by that point the group had had enough of the little blue monsters and left the lair. Outside, they found it to be a comfortable mid-autumn day.

17-19 Lamashan 4710

  • The heroes finished exploring the surrounding terrain, and took their time heading to the Sootscale Caverns. Outside, they found a mite caged in a tangle of sticks and bones, and a single guard named Nakpik, who escorted them all to the common room to meet with Chief Sootscale. The chief took the statue and dashed it upon the cavern floor and called to his people to rise up against the interloper Tartuk. The heroes were invited to join in.

Current time and location: mid-morning on 19 Lamashan in the common room of the Sootscale Caverns

Spider, Mites

Game date: March 12th, 2011

12 Lamashan 4710

  • Having found Breeg’s traps, but not Breeg himself, the party decides to return to Oleg’s Trading Post to do a little trading.
  • Oleg asks about Svetlana’s ring, but the heroes have not yet seen it. Kesten Garess also greets the party with a reward of 400 gold pieces from the Swordlords in return for the reduced bandit activity in the area.
  • A female human mystic named Kyragives the party a Harrow reading, including private readings for each of the heroes. She does not charge for this service, as she sees their future actions as particularly important to events in the region.
  • They also meet up with Bokken who sells them several potions. Bokken remarks that he is running low on fangberries, which make his healing potions slightly more potent.
  • Jhod Kavken stays behind, but promises to provide healing and other spellcasting whenever they are back at Oleg’s. He also has plans to set up a small workshop at the trading post to begin making minor magical items that might be of value.

13 Lamashan 4710

  • The party sets off to find The Stag Lord’s fort to the south. They encounter an area with scattered bones of animals and humanoids and are quickly ambushed by a giant trapdoor spider. In the lair of the spider, they find a crude drawing of a dead tree with a red “X” written in blood at the base of the tree.

14 Lamashan 4710

  • Continuing south, the heroes come upon a dead oak tree that matches the map they found the previous day. It appears to have been struck by lightning and resembles a huge, eerie claw reaching up toward the heavens. In the base of the tree, they find a small cache including a wand, a silver ring, a dagger, and a ruined spellbook.

15 Lamashan 4710

  • The party comes across another tree standing alone atop a small hill. This one, a sycamore, is alive, if barely, with leaves sprouting from just a few of its longest branches. From the fey Perlivash and Tyg Tigger-Tut, they know this to be the home of the mites that had stolen some treasure from the bandits a couple of weeks ago. The heroes decide to investigate and encounter mites in two chambers. In the second, they rescue Mikmek, who is both grateful for their aid and (after being healed and armed with a dagger) particularly enthusiastic about being able to help pay the mites back for their deeds. He promises “many treasures” for helping him reclaim the holy statue of his tribe (the Sootscales) that was stolen by the mites.

Current time and location: early evening on 15 Lamashan in the torture chamber of the mite lair

Bears, and wolves, and fey

Game date: January 14th, 2010

8 Lamashan 4710

  • During Woody’s watch in the early morning hours, he is magically put to sleep for a few moments, during which time a mustache is drawn on his face, bunnies are placed in Micaela’s and Roger’s packs, and a hunk of cheese is placed next to Horace (the ratkin). When everyone awakes, they decide to give an offering of gold coins and a silver necklace to the fey. Perlivash the faerie dragon and Tyg Tigger-Tut the grig happily accept and tell the heroes about several sites in the region, including the overgrown temple to the west and an area full of unmarked bear traps to the northwest.
  • Jhod tells the heroes that he is going (with or without them) to the temple, which must be the site Erastil has been sending him visions of, after which he plans to return to Oleg’s Trading Post. The PCs agree to accompany him there. At the Temple of the Elk, they dispatch a demented brown bear, Jhod taking a more active, courageous role than usual. Upon being slain the bear turns into an old man who gives a sigh of relief as his body crumbles to dust. The temple brightens and an algae-covered pool turns clear, revealing a magic longbow and finely made arrows.
  • The PCs continue to explore the surrounding area and return to the Temple of the Elk to camp for the night, where they are set upon by a pack of wolves.

9 Lamashan 4710

  • The heroes head northwest in search of the unethical trapper. They encounter a lone hunter in the woods named Fenn, who tells them that the trapper’s name is Breeg Olivanch.

10-11 Lamashan 4710

  • The heroes continue traveling northwest, and they disarm a number of bear traps, but find no recent activity or sign of Breeg.

Ending point – end of 11 Lamashan 4710, in hex where unmarked traps used to be, everyone is at full hp

Um, moon radishes?

Game date: December 3rd, 2010

3 Lamashan 4710

  • The party met with a human paladin named Reikye, who joined the group
  • A half-elf bandit and fisherman, Kyan, returned to the camp and provided them with information about the main bandit camp at the northern end of the Tuskwater, led by a mysterious, usually drunk, figure named the Stag Lord. He also told them about a supposed overgrown temple to Erastil to the West and a sycamore tree infested with small blue creatures called mites, who had stolen some bags of coins and jewelry from the bandits a couple of days prior. Finally, he cooked them lunch. The party allowed him to go on his way.
  • Micaela found the bandit’s stash of goods and valuables, as well as a nasty bear trap, which Woody disabled. The party decided it would be best to return to Oleg’s Trading Post.
  • While camping out on the way back, Woody got a handful of mud in the face, but no trace of the culprit could be found.

4 Lamashan 4710

  • The party returned to the trading post and sold their goods (except for the wooden case of greenish herbal liquor that was meant for the Stag Lord) for trading post credit.
  • They met Jhod Kavken, a friendly (if cowardly) cleric of Erastil. He agreed to accompany them in exchange for harvesting moon radishes to the south so that the eccentric Bokken could brew an infusion to help ease the discomfort of Svetlana Leveton, who is pregnant.
  • The party also met four soldiers sent to provide security to the trading post, led by a man named Kesten Garess. Kesten indicated that he is looking for a man by the name of Falgrim Sneeg, an ex-soldier who robbed them and fled into the Stolen Lands. Four masterwork weapons were offered in return for his live capture, two if Falgrim was killed instead.

5 Lamashan 4710

  • The party set off to find a patch of moon radishes, and encountered four kobolds who had eaten too many radishes. They were dispatched with amazing speed and thoroughness.
  • They spend the rest of the day exploring and mapping the area. In the middle of the night, they were attacked by an ogre. Jhod cowered. The ogre died. Jhod healed the party.

6 Lamashan 4710

  • The party returned to Oleg’s Trading Post with the moon radishes.
  • Bokken was there and indicated that he could brew healing potions but it would take a few days, and the moon radish infusion for Svetlana was his first priority.
  • Kesten indicated that he was sending word back to Restov that bandit activity has lessened in the past week, and anticipated that there would be some reward for this.
  • Oleg mentioned to the PCs that the bandits had taken Svetlana’s wedding ring, and would really appreciate if they could keep an eye out for it. He offered 1,000 gp in trading post credit. It was not among the treasure they had found at the bandit camp.

7 Lamashan 4710

  • The party returned south, planning to explore and map along the way. Camping out one night, they were attacked by three bugbears. Jhod cowered. The bugbears died. Jhod healed the party.

End point: Beginning of 8 Lamashan, bandit camp, everyone is healed

Into the Stolen Lands
Where the party meets up and tangles with bandits

Game date: October 8th, 2010

1 Lamashan 4710 (early autumn)

  • Party arrives at Oleg’s Trading Post, introduces themselves
  • They learn of the bandit troubles that Oleg Leveton and Svetlana Leveton are having at the trading post, and offer to ambush them the next morning when they come for their monthly “taxes”

2 Lamashan 4710

  • Drispeera puts all four bandits to sleep, three are killed, and the leader, a cloaked man wielding a bow, is captured, put in manacles and interrogated
  • After looting the bodies, the PCs have 138 gp in credit at Oleg’s Trading Post.
  • The party heads south to the bandit camp. On the way, Woody hears what sounds like an owlbear and sees rustling up ahead. When he and Micayla investigate, they encounter a greasy spot on the ground (Micayla falls) and they are pelted with dozens of acorns
  • The party reaches the bandit camp and battle with three bandits plus their leader Kressle, a female ranger wielding two handaxes. Micayla almost dies, and others are hurt to varying degrees. The party decides to set up camp there to tend their wounds and wait for any other bandits to return to the camp.

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