Kingmaker (New Paltz)

Twin Tragedies

Game date: June 16th, 2012

Arodus- (late summer) 4711

The heroes follow the trail of the missing twins and encounter Edelyne (“Eddie”) hooded and tied to a tree. After freeing her, they encounter a large mountain lion and a mad hermit responsible for the attack on the twins. After killing them, they discover that the hermit has killed not only Cassandra, Eddie’s twin, but also others, each buried in a shallow grave near the hollowed out oak tree he calls home. The party returns to Stag’s End after bringing the girl and her dead sister back to their parents’ home.

Back home, they discover that another tragedy has befallen their kingdom, with a shepherd boy and some livestock having been slain. Through some detective work, they discover that it is a werewolf who has been in town for a couple of days. They wait for nightfall to catch him before he can kill again. During combat in which Micaela is wounded to the brink of death, they cut the werewolf down. They administer wolfsbane to both Micaela and the werewolf (now back in human form), and both seem to handle the poison’s effects well. The bedraggled man is a barbarian named Kundal, who thanks the party for helping him, and accepts an offer to help the kingdom as an aide to the Marshal.

During the next month, the Council realizes that the kingdom is essentially broke, despite a newly opened peridot mine on the western shores of Lake Candlemere. They do find that previous promotions to find a suitable replacement for Svetlana as Magister have attracted someone for the post [details to come]. In addition, someone in the kingdom has created a work of art [or something] that brings a little much-needed cashflow and stability to the realm [details to come].

Finally, Drispeera gives birth to a boy, with dark skin, white hair, purple eyes, and tiny horns.



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