Kingmaker (New Paltz)

The Stag Lord's Fort, part II

Game date: June 18th, 2011

21 Lamashan 4710
Weather: (early morning pre-dawn, cloudy)

  • After Woody returns with information about the secret entrance to the fort, the group plans its assault. They are accosted by five zombies on their way up the hillside, but dispatch them quickly and race to the entrance. The sentry at the closest watchtower spots them during the melee but he is quickly brought down by two arrows from Micaela and Horace.
  • The passageway below takes them to underneath a wooden staircase where they emerge undetected by the bandits. Scouting ahead, Woody runs into Akiros Ismort, a bandit claiming to be the Stag Lord’s second-in-command though he seems torn about being in the position, or even with the bandits at all. After a few tense moments, Akiros declares that he is switching sides and tears off his stag-head amulet.
  • The first into the Stag Lord’s chamber is Drispeera, whose attempt to charm him goes awry when she suggests he take off his helmet. A fight ensues, but the Stag Lord is cornered and quickly destroyed, as are several of the bandits that come to his aid. His head is removed and his room looted.
  • Meanwhile, most of the other bandits, sensing that the Stag Lord’s reign over the region is quickly ending, flee the fort. This includes a gigantic lummox named Aucks and a dark, wiry looking man who pauses to unleash an owlbear before leaving. The party quickly kills the beast, helped by vicious attacks by Roger with his double axe.
  • The party scopes out the rest of the fort, and Akiros leads them down into a cellar where an old human wearing rags seems to live. He turns out to be the Stag Lord’s father and like most of the bandits, he flees when given the opportunity.

Current time and location: early morning on 21 Lamashan inside the Stag Lord’s Fort



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