Kingmaker (New Paltz)

Exploring the Greenbelt

Game date: August 27th, 2011

21 Lamashan 4710 – 5 Neth 4710

Over the course of two and a half weeks, the party explores much of the remainder of the chartered territory in the Greenbelt. Oleg’s Trading Post has undergone some changes since they last visited, including work on a second floor to the guest house and a barracks outside of the current palisade for Kesten Garess’s men.

In their travels, the heroes encounter the following:

  • A giant dire boar named Tuskgutter which has occasionally killed or maimed trappers and hunters in the area. They killed the beast and returned its head to Vekkel Benzen, who promised his longbow and arrows (plus some head cheese!) in return.
  • A trio of aggressive giant frogs near some sulfurous hot springs. The PCs left the frogs alone.
  • An abandoned gold mine that could be brought back to functionality with sufficient investment
  • An ancient barbarian cairn
  • The trapper Breeg Olivanch was found dead near one of his traps. The fey Tyg Tigger-Tut and Perlivash fessed up to having sprung the trap on him in payment for his cruelty.
  • A large patch of fangberries, which also served as home to several swarms of chew spiders, which were quickly dealt with by the party. The fangberries were returned to Bokken, who uses them to give both flavor and potency to his healing potions.

Current time and location: mid-day on 5 Neth, having just returned to Oleg’s. There is one remaining section of the Greenbelt that the party must explore and map to complete the charter.



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