Kingmaker (New Paltz)

Cramped Quarters

Game date: April 9th, 2011

15 Lamashan 4710

  • (in the mite lair under the old sycamore) The party, along with Mikmek, the recently freed and overexcited kobold, more or less fell one by one into a chasm, disturbing a 30 foot long centipede. Drispeera took a single and particularly nasty bite from the creature. From all vantage points, it looked to be fatal. Miraculously, she opened her eyes moments later and was carried to safety by Micaela. It wasn’t pretty, but in the end, all the party survived and clambered out of the rift.
  • From there, they encountered the leadership of the mites in the form of a larger-than-usual mite riding atop a much-larger-than-usual tick. Combat was less messy this time, and the party decided to rest in this room for the night. It is here that Mikmek was reunited with his tribe’s holy statue and accidentally revealed that his tribe of kobolds was under the sway of a mysterious purple-scaled shaman named Tartuk, who apparently delighted in spreading fear and demanding sacrifices in the name of “Old Sharptooth”.

16 Lamashan 4710

  • The heroes ascended to a chamber which housed several mites and several large (but manageable) centipedes, who were quickly dispatched. There was one more chamber which contained half a dozen or so mites, none of them appearing to be much of a threat, but by that point the group had had enough of the little blue monsters and left the lair. Outside, they found it to be a comfortable mid-autumn day.

17-19 Lamashan 4710

  • The heroes finished exploring the surrounding terrain, and took their time heading to the Sootscale Caverns. Outside, they found a mite caged in a tangle of sticks and bones, and a single guard named Nakpik, who escorted them all to the common room to meet with Chief Sootscale. The chief took the statue and dashed it upon the cavern floor and called to his people to rise up against the interloper Tartuk. The heroes were invited to join in.

Current time and location: mid-morning on 19 Lamashan in the common room of the Sootscale Caverns



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