Kingmaker (New Paltz)

Bears, and wolves, and fey

Game date: January 14th, 2010

8 Lamashan 4710

  • During Woody’s watch in the early morning hours, he is magically put to sleep for a few moments, during which time a mustache is drawn on his face, bunnies are placed in Micaela’s and Roger’s packs, and a hunk of cheese is placed next to Horace (the ratkin). When everyone awakes, they decide to give an offering of gold coins and a silver necklace to the fey. Perlivash the faerie dragon and Tyg Tigger-Tut the grig happily accept and tell the heroes about several sites in the region, including the overgrown temple to the west and an area full of unmarked bear traps to the northwest.
  • Jhod tells the heroes that he is going (with or without them) to the temple, which must be the site Erastil has been sending him visions of, after which he plans to return to Oleg’s Trading Post. The PCs agree to accompany him there. At the Temple of the Elk, they dispatch a demented brown bear, Jhod taking a more active, courageous role than usual. Upon being slain the bear turns into an old man who gives a sigh of relief as his body crumbles to dust. The temple brightens and an algae-covered pool turns clear, revealing a magic longbow and finely made arrows.
  • The PCs continue to explore the surrounding area and return to the Temple of the Elk to camp for the night, where they are set upon by a pack of wolves.

9 Lamashan 4710

  • The heroes head northwest in search of the unethical trapper. They encounter a lone hunter in the woods named Fenn, who tells them that the trapper’s name is Breeg Olivanch.

10-11 Lamashan 4710

  • The heroes continue traveling northwest, and they disarm a number of bear traps, but find no recent activity or sign of Breeg.

Ending point – end of 11 Lamashan 4710, in hex where unmarked traps used to be, everyone is at full hp



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